Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sick Little Boy

My little boy has been very sick the past few days. He does seem to be on the mend though now thank goodness, but that's why I have been silent here. I must say though even with the lack of sleep I have not gotten a migraine. Lots of tea drinking though!

I did make these yummy portobella mushroom fajitas by Happy Healthy Mama
-Modifications- no lime juice or onions, and i skipped the roasted part and just sauteed them in skillet with the peppers. Wonderful!!!!


  1. So glad the lack of sleep didn't set you off.
    Received my tea in the mail this week and "fortunately" had a chance to try it last night. It was probably too late as the migraine was already raging. But I may have discovered a pattern so I'll try it next month as a preemptive strike!

  2. Yes start tea drinking at first twinge! or even under stress! It helps a little in the full rage but is much better beforehand. I drink it now instead of popping advil etc which i did multiple times a day on a daily basis. Glad you got it though!